Kitchen Island


I had a lady tell me she could buy this from ikea, and asked if i could make it cheaper.

I had been wanting to try a cutting board top so i said sure. After looking at it i asked how fixed she was on that design, she said not very, she said it was the cheapest, so we went with it. I said if i can make something nicer for the same price would you be open to a design change? She said sure, so i started building. Here are some of the process pics.

Then the fun part, the cutting board top. it consist of white oak, red oak, mahogany, and hard maple. after hours of cutting and arranging i finalized the layout. The glueing began. I had to make it in sections. I started by gluing one whole end of the board. i then went and added row by row. Once i was done i sanded the hell out of it, filled the gaps with some glue and sawdust, sanded, refilled, sanded, it was a process!!

I finally got it put on, and oiled last night and delivered today.

Before oil:

After oil:

All in all i was proud of my work, a bit bummed to see it go, but on to the next thing.

Wow, that came out great Tony. I thought you were just making a cutting board, not a whole top. No comparison to the cheap Ikea island. Great work!

Mike, an American living in Norway

That looks really great. Nice job.

Greg Holden

Very impressive work Tony,I hope you made a profit outbidding IKea
This is a piece you certainly can be proud of.

woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

Looks great. Good job.

Losing fingers since 1969

Thanks guys, no i did not make any money, but it was fun.

Great job on this much improved piece! The top is gorgeous!

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