After building my kitchen island I had to trim the ends and had some scraps and some lady gave me an idea to make a Christmas tree. So I threw them together. Then I rubbed it down with the cutting board oils. Pretty happy with the results for a quick throw together project.


That’s very cute. Is there some kind of backing? Looks fragile.

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Thanks guys.

Brian, no backing, i just threw it together. Its not too fragile, if it fell there is a 50/50 chance on of the strips might break if it lands on one of the corners. All the strips are prob about 1/8 thick. It was either make this, or trash them, i could not bring my self to trash it obviously, ha ha.

Nice and good thinking, my man. I also look at my scraps as a new resource.


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Very creative Tony,this looks great.

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Neat. Scraps really are a myth.