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Pecky cypress. Milled from Victorian Era log. Found in Morgan City, LA. The tree was cut with an ax. Very old indeed.

-- Sean Howell

I’m a firm believer in bigger is better. I specialize in Fluer de lis. I make them 5 1/2 inches up to 3 ft tall. Looking at going bigger the next time I pull a sinker log. :)

-- Sean Howell

First you have to hand draw half of a perfect fluer de lis on temple try paper. Fold it over and draw it again. This gives you symmetry. Use a bandsaw to cut it. This gives you 2 dimensions. Draw where the band goes. Draw where your seems will go. I have a variety of carving bits I used to take the wood down. The final carving is strictly sand paper after. Tung oil finish. 3 coat of polyurethane. .I shoot my polyurethane so I don’t capture bubbles are brush stokes. This fluer de lis is 3 ft tall. 1ft 10 inches wide. I swamp log all my own lumber and this is the reward for it.

-- Sean Howell

Very nice. I’ve often wondered about these kinds of sculptures about how they are made. Could you give me a short synopsis? Did you just use a chisel and scraper or bandsaw and rasp or what? Teach me, obi wan. ;-)

-- Losing fingers since 1969


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