Curved Front Box, and Magpies!


I made this box in 2013 by fabricating all the parts, then veneering it and adding the edge trim

The frame of the box is blockboard and the curved front is a series of laminates glued together
The insert frames and necklace rings are New Guiniea Rosewood

It took me ages and I had no end of problems with the veneer chipping out in various areas, so I lost interest in it and shelved it, However I thought I would post it as the months theme is birds

While I was taking pictures of it some Magpies decide to show some interest and photo bombed the session. They were fairly tame and got closer and closer (looking for something to pinch for their nest no doubt
Anyway they didnt bother me so I just kept working away around them

The inserts

The Raw frame

The Test piece
Just about every process involving the veneering and edging was prototyped on a test piece I made to assist me.

Regards Rob

Nice! Awesome work!

Keith "Shin" Schindler

cool build and design Rob.

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