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I managed to get all the plugs cut for the top side of the Table Top. Plug cutting:- By way of an explanation and to provide how this was done without drilling waste holes see the next image. [IMG_9979.JPG] the material is lined up on the drill press
Here is the progress so far:- 1. Routed the edge and rounded it over. I used a straight bit with a top bearing deep enough to do the job. The round over was a 5/8 round over bit 2. Cut  plugs for  the1 x 38 mm and 4 x 32 mm holes with respective siz
Could be somebody we all know is having a birthday tomorrow 7 Apr 2018 James Bonds Car is the clue ! …(again) … I couldnt think of a another one just now.
Another part day getting the Panel Door to a completed dry assembly stage. It began with an overnight glue up of the panels, but first up a bit on the rails. I forgot to metion how I made them, so, a quick burst, made on the bandsaw using yet another
Well almost a day, it was so windy here AM I thought somebody had redirected Irma my way. A very sad state of affairs in Florida and surrounding damage path I must say. Anyway about mid morning I decided to continue on spent about 5 hours getting to w
I guess everbody saw the tutorials Les Hastings did on making radiused or curved doors. Well after all the effort he went to I thought it was certainaly a nice final product worthy of at least attempting as a sign of thanks. So after many days reading
They are simple basic medium sized chairs for “Bigger Kids” no additional parts involved , apart from a back rest of course.
Leonard G. Lee Founder, Lee Valley Tools has passed away, the Woodworking World has lost a impressive businessman Leonard G. Lee Founder, Lee Valley Tools Leonard G. Lee, CM is a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Lee Valley Tools and Canica Design.
Well almost I was checking out the STORE and when the Amazon page loaded there was everybodys woodworking friend TM as the No 4 sponsor!
OK Trendsetters here is my workbench, as I do not have a workshop as such I work in the drive way of my home and my “Trusty” Workbench sits in the grass area next to the clothes line and drive way. Fully exposed to th elements, so I made a “roof” to p