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Flour Tray

Flour Tray

No its not a spelling error.
My wife wanted a tray to hold her bags of flour in the pantry, but only small one so she could slide or lift them out when required.

So I brought out some HDF I could use and showed her, she approved and so I set to work.

The overall size is about 360mm deep and 300mm wide and the back tapering down from 200 mm to 100 mm with hand holes front and back.

I cut out all the sections out with my table saw and taper jig.
Used my Router handle template and made the hand holes and then clamped them all together using butt joints and Titebond III glue.

I used both sets of my picture frame clamps , checked everything was square and left it for the glue to dry.

Once the glue was dry I sanded the edges and then ran a round over bit on the edges to smooth them off.

Next was a coat of sanding sealer and when that was dry a finishing coat of Clear Gloss both of which are water based.

While I was finishing it I spotted an Orchid which had just flowered, so I had to take a picture of it too, I think it only flowers every couple of years.

The other type of flower

A Note: Working with this material produces very fine dust and although I work outdoors a dust mask is still essential.
Here is a shot of the under sink boxes made some time ago

Thats it from me.

Regards Rob

Hey Rob
That is a unique idea and well done, that is a beautiful Orchid, Thanks for sharing.

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Looking good. Happy wife happy life!

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Very nicely organized..good idea!