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Plastic Bag Contraption

Plastic Bag Contraption

The younger I get, the more I crawl around on my hands and knees. However, one game that is not my favorite is putting the stack of plastic bags back in the corner of the kitchen. When I would grab one, they would all jump out all over the floor. Then I’d have to crawl around putting them back and figuring out the proper order of their use.

So I devised this contraption to take back control of the kitchen. I used hand tools to tongue and groove the joints; spokeshaves to round the corners and edges; paring chisels to create the dado for the structure to fit into the base; and carving gouges to experiment with carving. The natural oil stain brings out the character of the wood, and three topcoats protect it from moisture. Now things are right with the world, and I can crawl in other rooms of the home and play real games.


That looks pretty spectacular. I love the carving. Those old bags are getting some pretty special treatment.


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Very well done , impressive and a great idea .


excellent work the carving makes it.

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