Adjustable tool stand for small shop

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This stand gets a lot of use. Wedged tenons allow me to take it apart when not in use. I made it the same height as my workbench so that the compound miter saw can be used on it next to the workbench. The design of the arms with sliding saw stops came from ShopNotes #102. The saw stop blocks can be raised or lowered. They can be moved sideways along pipes.

I made the arms fit into 2×4′s with tapered rabbets so that little wedges can level each arm as needed. F-clamps hold the arms at whatever height I set them. This way, I can use whatever tool I want on the stand and adjust the support arms to work with that tool. If I don’t need the support arms, they just lift out.

The drawer holds instructions and wrenches, etc. for whatever tool I use on the stand. The bottom shelf can hold heavy items that need to be out of the way. On the drawer, I experimented with beading and dovetails. Almost everything is 2×4′s and plywood.

This stand makes the garage much more usable because the space alongside the workbench is really functional now.


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