Potting/ garden stand


I built this Large potting stand to sell. For outdoor use. Two of the large wheels are lockable, solid cedar. Cast iron hardware, except for the tap that I came up with and the locks on the doors. I decide not use a in cabinet sink because the sink takes up storage space inside the cabinet and it would need a drain. I like the idea of the bucket on top because the water can be properly recycled and it can be removed for more work surface space. I came up with this tap idea so you can have your (1) main water line coming in, (2) a tap to wash your hands (so you don’t have to hold the garden nozzle), and (3) your garden hose can stay attached all at the same time. Also hard to see in photo, I ran a groove on the work surface in the front for water to drain to the sides. The top work surface and the doors are biscuit joined, glued and clamped. The stand is 5’9" tall with wheels, with out wheels it stands 5’3". It’s 4 feet wide and 21 5/8" deep. The frame is 3″ × 1 1/2" thick. The table top is 1 1/4" thick. One light coat of clear stain is applied to surface of work space. Also shelf inside cabinet for pots, etc. Hooks on sides and pull handles on each side to pull unit around. Lots of details on this stand.


Very neat, great design and workmanship, congratulations a job well done.

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Very cool

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Thank you. I really enjoyed making this one. I love gardening and was debating about keeping it for myself.

Wonderful design! (Does it do the potting itself?)

Looks great Sheri, and well designed.

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Thank you,

Richforever, I wish it would..lol

Great work and details…….nice !

Wow that is really creative! Very nice. Looks great and super functional. That is the essence of perfect woodworking – form and function together. Great job.

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Thank you, that means a lot. :)

truly fine and I say that with all my Canadian understatement

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