Fordson Super Dexta wooden model


It’s a long time ago that I posted a project. As you can see above I have been bussy with making a Fordson Super Dexta model. And it wasn’t only the build that took some time. When it was finished I also made a 2D drawing to make it possible that others can make this model as well.

I realized that making a 3D drawing from this tractor would make it easier for others to build this model. But I’m not familiar with drawing in 3D. But great to have all that woodworking friends. I contacted LittleBlackDuck. And he did a great work on making a complete 3D drawing in SU. And not only a drawing. He also made a video and a PDF of the building order.

This tractor isn’t a easy build. There are a lot challenges to overcome. The steering mechanism was the hardest. But after some tests I finally succeeded.

If you want to order the plans visit my website.

Thanks for watching.

That is awesome. Amazing! My dad had several of the American version on the farm – Ford 3000/4000 series. Only had Ford tractors.

And that’s an incredible build. Just wow!

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Wow! that’s on great Tractor, excellent detail.

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You’re the reason they start museums.

That is one fine tractor, I love the detail even a lift up seat, Outstanding work.

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Fantastic work! Love to see this wooden model. I used to build model airplanes and it is quite a challenge to do what you just accomplished .. Congrats on a job well done !

Fantastic work. Your skills are reflected in your projects.