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A customer wanted to bring this family treasurer back to life, hers the before and after
The customer was very happy it went back 6 generations

Rick Franks


Wow! You have out done your self Rick!


Thank you, this is kinda what we do, we love to bring new life back in to these treasures

Rick Franks


It’s hard to believe that it’s even the same piece! Fabulous restoration.


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Outstanding work Rick

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wow, that’s an amazing restoration. I would have used the dresser for firewood, it’s incredible that you were able to restore it.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

What can I say , night and day . Fantastic job .


Holy cow. Nice job!

Losing fingers since 1969

Come on Rick!
Thats got to be the best a leg pull going in a long time for sure!

A bit mean on the pictures and restoration process otherwise it is as reported amazing work.

Regards Rob

Not sure what you mean RobsCastle, we have been restoring furniture that most people throw out sense the early 70’s, I bring new life back into them, I think its a shame to let these history pieces just go to the junk pile, if there is any part still good I will tackle them

Rick Franks

Leg Pull is an australian slag for trying to trick somebody and as the results show the work is almost unbelieavable.

I remember when I was young I visited my Mom after a pipe froze in the ceiling and burst spilling water all over a veneered side board, from memory it looked similar to your first picture.
Sadly I think it went in the junk pile!

Regards Rob

I see hadn’t heard that before, it sad when we look back at things when we were young and remember things like that. thanks

Rick Franks