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Christmas toys 2017

Christmas toys 2017

This years Christmas build was a fleet of Land Rover Defenders. I had fun building these with my daughter and my new little branding iron worked great.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year in the woodshops around the world. Peace.

My Woodshop is my happy place?

They look great Narinder,wow what a big production with nice details.

Happy New year

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Wow I love them!! I hope you had fun making them ?


Very nice, my lad would love them, is that a Japanese chisel on the bench?

wood wolf

Thanks all. Yes it was a fun build as most builds are. And yes William, that is a Japanese chisel. My only one and most used one.

My Woodshop is my happy place?

Very nice. I bet there are a bunch of happy kids out there. ?


Some great looking toys. My woodworking club makes about 1200-1300 toys a year. We work tues and wed 50 weeks of the year.

It lots of fun. We peovide them to 30 different charities and they distribute them to the children.

Wood is good