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Hi guys, thanks for the add, life long wood worker, restore ancient property in the summer and construct cabinets, stair cases, windows, doors and sundry wood related crafts in the winter, at least that's the plan, I do find myself hanging off rotten roof structure's all too often in snow and ice, lived and worked in several countries and have a fascination with different methods and designs, there is always something to be learned and I hope to share some of my experiences and work in exchange for yours, I have found that there is always a way forward and that one problem will have a dozen solutions, so I will ask questions and pick your brains in times of confusion and extend whatever help I can if needed.

-- wood wolf

Character swept head Oak double doors - Woodworking Project by william

Character swept head Oak double doors

Met the clients earlier this year and they had just brought a lovely 16th century stone house in...

Toy chest - Woodworking Project by william

Toy chest

My young lads birthday a couple of days ago, he’s always in and out of the workshop and after...

Laminated and self bows - Woodworking Project by william

Laminated and self bows

Hi, had a bit of a run on longbows early summer, hadn’t made one for years, all my early ones...

Japanese inspired sink cabinet - Woodworking Project by william

Japanese inspired sink cabinet

Made a base for the carved sink, was going for a Cyprus stump but this appeared instead. European...

Knee vise. - Woodworking Project by william

Knee vise.

Came across this old dovetail screw drive in a scrapyard, probably off an industrial metal...

Bathroom sink - Woodworking Project by william

Bathroom sink

In the middle of restoring a very old house in France and couldn’t find a sink we could agree on,...