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Shaver stand

Shaver stand

We needed a stand for our shavers in the shower so I made this out of Ekki, aluminum rod & rock.
It really looks better than just laying them on the shelf. ???

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Very useful, great idea.


unique idea nice work.

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Very cool! Where did you find the ekki? I have a big supply of it that was reclaimed pier decking. I took the leftovers home from a job I did at work. One thing you never have to worry about is sealing it or worrying about it being in the shower. It’s so full of resin it’s naturally waterproof.

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Thanks Brian, I have around 70 BF of the Ekki that I salvaged from an old barn that I was asked to tear down some 20 years ago. I spent 21 years working on a farm. It sure is beautiful wood,but very hard to work.??

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