Side-Table, w/Floating Top

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A recently completed work, for my wife, a small side-table.

Reclaimed Locust, w/Purple Heart accents. The Table Top (picture 4) is supported by 2 lamination sets which arc between the long axis legs – the laminations begin at 3" wide, and are bandsawn to create an arc 1" wide a the center, widening to approximately 2" at the leg.

The floating top is created by extending the under-table lamination beyond the plane of the table top, bandsawing the top part of the exposed arc, and joining the lamination to the leg well-below the plane of the table top. The legs are purposely stopped below the plane of the table top.

The shelf slates are M&T (dominos). The finish is 1 coat of Zinsser clear coat, with 4 coats Deft w-b poly (very good). Dry coats are wet-sanded at 600 grit.

Locust has an unpredictable grain – allowing both bone-smooth surfaces and rough sinewy strands which are near impossible to sufficiently smooth. Also, the use of reclaimed wood, and my wife’s interest in the ‘natural’ look, means that knots and voids are simply part of the build.

If the members have any questions, please let me know. As with all of my projects, layout is more than 50% of the overall build time (about 20 hours).

Everyone, Do Take Care.


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