Granddaughters bed


Here is a fun project. I saw a photo online somewhere and I thought I would make this for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. I wish I knew who originally posted a photo. I would love to give them credit for a great idea.

Greg Holden


This is great Greg I bet your granddaughter loved it.

Merry Christmas!

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She sees it tomorrow!

Greg Holden


That’s just too cute! She will be delighted.


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That it so cool and awesome. I bet there is a very happy little girl!

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Such a beauty, will be a family heirloom.


Amazing! So creative. She will love it for sure.

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I love it!


Hi there! I'm wondering if you have a plan for this bed? I would love to purchase and make one for my daughter!
That’s great! Love the stable along the bottom.
very whimsical, love it.

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Wow that's really horsing around in the shop
What goes down the center Hay bales?

Regards Rob

This will become your granddaughters keepsake for a lifetime and I'm sure she'll pass it along to future generations.
Super great concept, very imaginative.