Bandsaw box build


As my new part time adventure is working at our Lee Valley I not only help and meet interesting customers. I also do in store demos & teach woodworking seminars.
Here are some of the bandsaw boxes I made in the showroom. ?
It is nice to get out of the woodshop and meet people and also some amazing fellow staff woodworkers. It kinda resets my head to get back in my shop??

My Woodshop is my happy place?

I’m glad to see you back posting, Narinder. Tell us more about your cooperation with Lee Valley please.

Martin Sojka, Maker of Craftisian

Cool boxes I really like your use of the woods interesting figure, sounds like interesting work at Lee Valley

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It must be nice to work at a place where you get paid to have so much fun!!


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Thank you. As 2018 was a bit of a slow year for my woodworking business, I finally listened to my darling wife to apply at Lee Valley as a I might be with like minded people. Well, she was right, as aways?. After helping with the Christmas rush I was offered a job to stay on in the new year and even teach seminars. That was a year ago and I still love the people and the seminars are a lot of fun and I get to hone my own skills. Not to mention that I get to use all my old jokes on a new audience each time.
I am truly living the dream. ?(I do spend more than I make there?)

My Woodshop is my happy place?

Great looking boxes and a great match down through the drawers. That’s what make a piece come to life. But many people don’t notice those kind of effects. Having the end of a board continue through the drawer front is great work.

Wood is good