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Changing table

Changing table

I was asked to build a changing table for my soon to be first grandchild so I had to make it extra special. I used African mahogany , Alder and Ekki to create the look I wanted. The change top lifts off so they can use it for many years after baby is out of diapers. I used Hettich soft close hinges & undermount slides as they are my fave. I must say that making items for children is what I love to make the most. ??

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Very nice build looks great plus very useful.

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First off, congratulations on your soon-to-be new career as grandpa! You’ve done a splendid job on the changing table which will most certainly get you more requests for additional furniture for the grandchild.


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Great piece


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That is simply beautiful. Now comes cradle, beds, a desk and chair. Congratulations Narinder, being a grandfather is the best job in the world.


Very nice work.

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