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Your cabinet is both lovely and practical. Your wife should put it to good use.

You’re using your time well!


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Very nice build. Great idea for keeping her drawing pencils.

-- Jack

Dang!!!i have never tackled a drawer but if I did …. I would try to make something exactly like this!

I love wooden boxes and I love small drawers to organize small things!

The wood is beautiful and the joinery – bonus!!!

And how many social-distancing-days did it take to create this piece?

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tks for the comments,Ms Debbie it took me 3 days to complete,more time fixing mistakes than I wanted

-- Retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be

Beautiful job. Can’t believe just 3 days

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Looks good from here , mistakes are part of the learning process and many times a remembering process for me :)

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Jim thanks for looking,it seems like I have been making more problems for myself,but that could be from trying more stuff I haven’t done before

-- Retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be

Having been in stay at home mode I have time to hit the shop.Small cabinet I made for the misses.Cherry veneer and cherry drawers.Lots of mistakes but came out ok.Momma likes it that’s all that counts.In third pic I made holders for her drawing pencils but I think she’ll use it for something else.

-- Retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be


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