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Copper Rose and Vase

I’ve worked metal (when I can) for many years as a hobby. I do a lot more wood working, though. I am a member of a metal working forum and one of the guys made a rose from copper sheet. I liked it and made one for my wife, plus a copper vase to hold it. Learned a lot about hot and cold patination. My wife’s favorite color is purple, so that’s what I colored the petals. This must be about 8 years old by this time. The top of the vase is a hot process, and the bottom is a cold process. I kicked the vase around the back yard for a while to give it some character. :D


That is so beautiful!!

How did you get started in metal work ???

-- Toxins Out, Nature In - body/mind/spirit

Thanks! I have been doing things with metal and wood since I was very young, about 10. We had steep streets where I grew up and we used to make coaster hot rods from two by fours and discarded lawn mower wheels. Drag it to the top of the hill and roll down at breakneck speed (without brakes!). In school from 12 until I graduated, I took some form or other of wood or metal shop classes. As a hobby, I also built balsa and tissue rubber band powered air planes. That thing came out huge, but I don’t see a way to reduce the size to something better, like 1/2.

Nice to see some metal workers on here. Is the purple patina achieved through heat, acids, ..or?

-- Angellos

Sorry, I got busy and haven’t been here for awhile. The purple is a cold patina from Sculpt Nouveau.