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Mustang Fastback Side Table

Mustang Fastback Side Table

I fabricated this crazy figured solid walnut cnc-milled mustang fastback side table to accompany a midcentury modern z chair i made in solid curly walnut. All cnc-milled parts were cut using a 3/4" ballnose router bit. The design intent for the legs was to try and match some of the existing ques from the geometry of the z chair. The tapered legs were cut with full through tenons using a grizzly tenon jig and pinned with a walnut spline. The top was attached to the legs using walnut dowels.

The top of the table was cnc milled on a Haas TM1 and the base was cut completely on a sawstop tablesaw.

Finished with Minwax satin poly.

What a beautiful piece of walnut and a very unique design!


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This truly is a one of a kind ver creative project.

Unique piece! Any woodworker who is also a car guy has got to appreciated this piece of art.


Beautiful Table, I relay like the figured wood on the chair back.

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