Louisiana Style Art Decko' Hanging Wall Shelf

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I have been running this wall hanging design around in my thoughts for a while so I decided it was just better to make it instead of thinking about it. I originally planned to sculpt this piece but changed my mind for this one.
The woods are Wenge, Padauk & Zebrawood.
At first I made all of the shelves the exact same size but it just didn’t look right with the tapering of the back pieces
It is 34” tall and the shelves taper in depth from 6” top – 5 1/2” center and 5” for the bottom shelf.

I also made the shelves taper in width from 16” – 15” & 14”.

The shelves also needed a little something extra because they looked plain…so I inserted a narrow strip of Padauk in the fronts.

I realized that I definitely am not set up to photograph larger wall hanging pieces. My photo cube has primarily been used for boxes…and this certainly was too large to fit in it. I just ordered a very large photo cube because I like they way they diffuse the light…and this photo didn’t come out as good as I hoped from just hanging the shelf on a white piece of plywood.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

this is beautiful; great use of contrasting wood!

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario

Very Art Deco ish. Nice job, I like it.

Tor and Odin are the greatest of gods.

Thanks guys…some projects just come out with results that put a smile on my face..and this was one of them.

Greg the Cajun Box Sculptor

Beautiful work, great job on all those curves.

-- Paul--- Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep. — Scott Adams

Greg, this shelf design of yours is at once elegant and a treat for the eye.


Another beautiful shelf .great design Greg.

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