My First DIY Broadheads


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My First DIY Broadheads (repost from

I decided to try some different styles of DIY broadheads. The only equipment I have that may be considered special would be the 2×72 grinder. These task could be done with a dremel, other type of grinder, files etc. They should be able to be created by most folks with tools they have or can easily get access to.

First I made a template. I just drew it out on paper.

I glued the template to and old piece of saw plate

Then I scored a line close to what I needed and then clamped it in a vise. I then snapped the line.

With the grinder, I ground to the template to get the profile

I sharpened on the 2×72 grinder as I would any knife

A few grooves to help grab the thread. Again with the Dremel.

I epoxied the blade into the shaft and set the thread into the epoxy. Traditional Bowyer’s Bible recommends using wire for the wrap. I didn’t have any thin enough but will try it.

-- There is nothing like the sound of a well tuned hand plane. - and

Very cool project.

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Nice work! What do you hunt with it?


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-- There is nothing like the sound of a well tuned hand plane. - and

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