My "Was A Sweater" Hat in Tunisian Crochet

My "Was A Sweater" Hat in Tunisian Crochet

Last month or so, I had started a sweater for my grandson, using my new love: double-ended Tunisian crochet hook!

Well, I had the main body done but it wasn’t really big enough for my grandson, so it could work for his sister. I had the back almost completed but really wasn’t having fun … and it got tucked away in a cupboard.

“What a shame”, I kept telling myself … “just finish it”, I said … but in the cupboard it sat.

Then, yesterday, I thought, “Hmmm maybe it’s small enough to be turned into a hat!!!” Now, I am interested.

So I pulled it out of the cupboard, stuck the sweater on my head … not tight but it was a “fit”.. . so I started pulling out the stitches, working my way down to below the sleeve opening.

… and then I started doing the decreases for the hat!!!

It’s beautiful, right? So thick and warm and reversible, for two different looks. I love it..

and then, of course is the sweater issue. Yah, the bottom ribbing of the sweater is WAY too big as the brim of the hat… sigh.

So, I double-rolled it. It’s really nice and thick now, and with the double-roll, it is nice and snug around the ears. And really warm!!

AND .. a bonus, if you are in super-freezing and windy weather? Well, just roll it down and disappear. Oh my that is SO ugly.. and funny ….

I could stitch the roll so it doesn’t flip down but then it really wouldn’t be reversible. I just have to be careful how I wear it!

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