Beaded Leaf-Shaped Jewelry Box

Beaded Leaf-Shaped Jewelry Box
Beaded Leaf-Shaped Jewelry Box

The box is adorned with thousands of beads to create a unique look. The bead embroidery mimics a leaf with the various veins depicted by different size beads – #6 beads form the center vein, #8 beads form the side veins, and #11 beads form the veins coming off the side veins. An assortment of beads fill in the space between veins. Each of the crystal beads represents a hole where the embroidery is affixed to the box’s top. Miniature lampwork pieces add dimension to the top. The box is maple and panga panga. This technique is an idea I generated that combines my two hobbies – scrolling and beading. The beading took approximately 60 hours to complete.


Those were hours well spent . Your design is lovely ; a beautiful creation indeed !

oh my!!!

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Unique and quite nice. It’s a great idea to combine your two hobbies into one product. I think some couples could do that too and have a lot of fun together.

Mike, an American living in Norway

OH wow those beads make the project pop.

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