Flower bandsaw boxes

Flower bandsaw boxes
Flower bandsaw boxes

This was my first attempt at building a bandsaw box, and it was made as a birthday gift for my fiancé. The design is influenced by a few different boxes I found on Pinterest, and I threw in my own twist on it.
As for construction of the box, I started with about 20" of 8/4 black walnut, 12" 4/4 birds-eye maple, 8" wormy hard maple, and a piece of black walnut for the base. I planed and sanded all lumber before starting the project, and re-sawed the wormy & birds-eye maple and to 1/2". I cut the 8/4 BW to 12" & 8", then sandwiched with the corresponding maples. I clamped, and waited overnight to dry.
When the glue was dry and clamps were off, I drew on a shape I thought look good. I did it completely freehand, but I realized I should probably learn sketch up for future projects, or cut templates. The shape was drawn on the fronts, and then cut out on the bandsaw. The two small ones are the wormy hard maple, and the large flower is the birds-eye maple.
I then cut 3/8" of the back of the boxes, and proceeded to cut out the drawers. Once the drawers were cut out, i slightly sanded drawer cavities, glued the back on, and clamped well. I cut off 1/4" from the front and backs of the drawers, and sanded the inside before gluing the drawers back together. When all glue was set, I chiseled off any squeeze out and continued to sand for hours on the random orbital sander, belt sander, and by hand. After sanding through all the grits to 220, I cut out the drawer pulls, and sanded them and glued them on. I finished the boxes with a spray shellac coating. While the box was drying, I cut the base out, sanded, and routed the edges. I drilled mounting holes for the boxes and then finished the base.
After everything was finished, before final assembly, I flocked the bottom of the base, all drawer cavities, and inside the drawers. I added a little sprout on the right side carved with a Dremel, and screwed the final project together.
All in all, I think it came out very nice for my first try.


This is amazing. It takes me a while to find out where are the boxes.

Well done!

-- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com

Nice work bkwooddesigns.

I have not seen this design for band saw boxes before. Original.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Great work! I love your design, quite original and decorative. I also liked the way you did the drawers to get a nice taper at the end of the leaves, very cool.

Mike, an American living in Norway

I love original and adapted designs. This is a beauty!


Totally unique band saw box,cool.

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