2nd Rocking Chair

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I’ve been away for awhile, both physically and mentally, from woodworking; and in getting back to my shop, I felt the need to upgrade my first rocker attempt – previously posted on 3W. The attached is an Ash rocker with Sapele accents, built in the Hal Taylor design. Hal’s passion for excellence is infectious; and he’s wholly interactive with those undertaking the challenge.. The rocker is finished with Deft’s Brushing Lacquer (3 coats). This project is several steps into wood-sculpting; and certainly at the limit of my skills.

As always, I stand in awe of the stunning work created by the Forum members.

Everyone, Do Take Care.

You did it again!
At this rate you will be a rocking chair master in no time.

I was wondering where you have been…
Great work.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Excellent work and a great looking chair. Quite a a challenge to build too.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Beautiful chair! It also appears that you have a beautiful view to enjoy with your chair!

Thanks, All… truly, a labor of love – working with the Ash and Sapele, both a first for me, was gratifying – they machined well and finished bone-smooth prior to applying the lacquer. I stopped counting the hours invested; if I did this for a living, I’d qualify as a starving artist.

David – the view is the Chesapeake Bay – 9 miles wide, where we live. We’re long-term residents; and have really enjoyed the good days and braced for destruction the rest of the time.

Everyone, Take Care.

That’s one hell of a fine rocker. I think ash is underrated. It really is easy to work with and is very beautiful. You certainly did it proud.

Where are the band-aids?---Pro Libertate!

Wonderful chair Mike

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