Catalpa, from tree to bowl


A few years ago, we had a very large yard tree taken down. It was rotten through the center, to the ground. My mate George and I spent two summers harvesting all the wood by hand, meaning a small electric home chainsaw and axes. George bought several new wedges before those stumps were converted to firewood. What I managed to save for turning took a long time to stabilize and dry, but it makes some beautiful turning wood. A little stringy, and takes some care with sharp tools and light cuts, but after sanding it polishes up well and shows a lot of character. I now have several pieces sitting around waiting for me to turn, and we have one whopping big firewood pile!
The bowl shown is about 7" high and 5" in diameter.

Might As Well Dance :

Nice one Barb. I love “home grown” wood. I have a bunch of Arbutus that came from a tree beside my shop. I’ve included it in quite a few projects and they are “special” because of it.
Have fun and enjoy your “special” wood.

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wow that’s one cool bowl Barb,love the wood and design.

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Very nice catalpa bowl. Makes we want to finish the ones I started several months ago from my backyard catalpa. The tree is still there, just several feet shorter.

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Nice To see a bowl that you can relate to not just the making of it but the tree it came from .
Very nice .


Beautiful bowl Barb and much better use than fire wood!

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Thank you, everyone. That beautiful old tree is well remembered!

Might As Well Dance :

Nice work . I have a guy that sells me Catapla planks or chunks . My favorite wood.