Birds eye birch bowl

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Not everyone liked this one, one person even said it looks broken. I thought it looked like moose antlers..

I’m certainly not “everyone” because I really like it! Is it made out of one piece?


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Thanks lw, no it’s two pieces. I don’t normally do this, well I never do, first time. Originally it was a shallow dish but just didn’t look right, needed a lift. Thanks for looking. :)

“Broken” gives it more charm.

I will be proud to display them in my house.

Very well done!

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


Now that’s what I call a pierce of art. That’s not broken, that’s refined natural beauty!

Beautiful work!

John @The Hufford Furniture Group

I think it’s Great. Very well done. Your pedestal idea made it quite unique.

Might As Well Dance :

Very cool art bowl.

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