Lunch Box


Some wooden lunch boxes i made for one of my clients! these were prototypes for a show in new York.



Wow, I can’t imagine those getting thrown in a work truck. Love the classic look with the leather handle and strap.

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He was asking $200 plus for them ??


Very nice work. They must have been fun to make. The details are fantastic and the leather works so well with the wood. Cheers. ?

My Woodshop is my happy place?

That lunchbox is awesome…. Good job!!

Those are fantastic, great craftsmanship.

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Very nice project. Thanks for sharing it with us.


very cool. I love the “old school” look.

I want one! Have you ever insulated the inside of the box?


These were for a client of mine I believe they are for sale if your interested let me know


Wonderful design super built.

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