The Dream Desk - Woodworking Project by ZacBuilds

The Dream Desk

I spend a lot of time at my desk. It’s easily the most used piece of furniture in my house. Heck,...

Golf carts - Woodworking Project by Dutchy

Golf carts

It isn,t the first time I made these golf carts but the earlier I have given away. Did it this...

Buick Sedan - Woodworking Project by Dutchy

Buick Sedan

A classic Buick Sedan from about 1930. I used mainly Ash and Imbuia wood, the grill is partly...

Festival of Trees Wreath Donation - Woodworking Project by EZInlays

Festival of Trees Wreath Donation

This is the wreath we donated to a Boise fundraising event called the Festival of Trees. I’ve...

Koi fish marquetry picture - Woodworking Project by Andulino

Koi fish marquetry picture

Size: 23.62 × 17.72 × 0.63 Inches Veneers: ebony, ash, white ash, chestnut, eucalyptus, padouk,...

Rifle/hand gun cabinet - Woodworking Project by Sheri Noble, woodworking at it’s finest!

Rifle/hand gun cabinet

Where do I I’ve been building this cabinet since Aug. It’s made of Ash mostly, Oak,...

Bowl - Woodworking Project by Will


Normally I would have trashed this disaster. But my wife lectured me about being too much of a...

Toboggan - Woodworking Project by Manitario


Made this toboggan for a friend’s kids. Was originally going to make a few toboggans this winter...

Laminated and self bows - Woodworking Project by william

Laminated and self bows

Hi, had a bit of a run on longbows early summer, hadn’t made one for years, all my early ones...

My first end-grain cutting board - Woodworking Project by Lightweightladylefty

My first end-grain cutting board

I made this end-grain cutting board as a wedding gift. It is approximately 13” x 18½” x 1¼”. The...

Butcher block dining table  - Woodworking Project by Indistressed

Butcher block dining table

This is my Ash butcher block dining table with a bench. It’s 90″×42″×30. It’s 2 3/4 thick,

Marble Racer - Woodworking Project by Will

Marble Racer

Found the plans for this online. My grand kids love it. Keeps them out of my hair for hours lol.

Bowl - Woodworking Project by Will


First attempt at this design made some errors but still came out nice :)

I beam conference table  - Woodworking Project by Indistressed

I beam conference table

This is my I beam conference table. Base is made from 3 1/2" I beam. The center is square tubing...

Deer marquetry - Woodworking Project by Andulino

Deer marquetry

I made it to order, If you like this wooden marquetry and you would like to a unique marquetry...

Whistle - Woodworking Project by Dutchy


I’m a euphonium/baritone player of a local wind band. For a given piece of music a slide whistle...

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