Simple Shapes Puzzle for Toddlers

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Not an original idea; taken from a book god-knows-where. It’s a challenge to little kids because the pieces go in only one way, in order. It’s simply three layers of cut out plywood, a bottom and a hinged lid. The three-year old recipient I gave it to, played with it for days before becoming bored, and I’m no expert (unless Grandmother of nine can be an expert) but I think it’s an excellent teaching tool for learning reasoning skills!

-- Might As Well Dance :

Nice job Barb, little’ns love playing with these simple puzzles for hours, nice & soft in the hand & easy grip.
will these be part of your “for sale” :)

-- lang may ya lum reek

That’s a clever toy, whoever designed it. kudos to you for a good job on the fit and finish. I agree that things like this must help shape early reasoning skills develop.

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