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I made an error and am looking for a solution.

This is the project I am working on.  I'll start from where I am now.  I'm building the internal drawer supports.

The divider is crooked......the picture below is why it's crooked.  I was so careful setting up a board to use as a guide so they would both
be the same....and they are.....but they aren't supposed to be the same.  Nuts

This is the reason for my mistake, the top shelf goes all the way to the right and the lower shelf stops 1/8" from the edge.
I was going to ask how to fix it but I think I thought of a solution while explaining the issue.  Make that divider a 3/8" piece
instead of the 1/4" and enlarge the grooves dado to 3/8"  Widen them both by 1/8" to one side and 1/8" the other side.  Will just have to take better care to get them lined up vertically this time.  

note:  things don't look like they fit too good but it's better when the box is squeezed together.


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Thanks Splinter, then that is a plan?  I put a 3/4" piece in there just as a proof of concept thing and I see another issue i'll have is I don't want exposed end grain, so ugly so have to mill up a nice .....I'm not sure. 


I'd just go ahead and build up a shorter version of your internal shelves and run the grain parallel with the rest of the interior.
Great thing about your solution is no one will ever know   👍
I'm thinking just how to do what needs to be done and I "gotta admit, Nothin's Happenin"

I think I'll do what the father does on that junkyard show and go have lunch!


An option with your fix idea would be to use the wider divider and not widen the grooves. The asymmetry would be there but no one will notice (except you). You could have some fun seeing if anyone ever finds it.
I think I can visualize what you are saying but you have to realize that I’m working above my skill level as it is Steve. 🤔

I will say I like it though!


The quick and easy fix....


Looks like a close end grain match to boot!
I would use a square to mark the bottom shelf dado's left side on the top, again use the square to mark the top dado's right side on the bottom, measure the width of these new in-line dados, of course cut them both wider, then slip in the new divider.
Another easier approach: make a new divider that is wide enough to cover both existing dados, hold it up to it's final position, and mark the top and bottom to make off-set tenons, cut the new tenons and slip it in.

Good luck, be sure to post you final solution.
That is a great looking tool box for a countertop. Looks like you are lining up the putt. Nice work.
Thank You all, you guys are great.  I appreciate all the helpful comments!


I was thinking long and hard about just making this a 4 drawer chest.  But couldn't get past the thought of I was cutting corners or worse yet, "taking the easy way out".  Anyway, here is where I am at now.

Now it's on to the drawers, another thing that I've never made......or maybe just start sanding and maybe some drawers will magically appear!  Yeah, guess not.


Looking nice David, you saved the project and moving along nicely.

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It's coming along nicely! Your divider fix looks fine.
looking good,  nice fix.   


Thanks Eric, I've been stumbling a little making the drawers, it seems those half-lap (?) joints can be glued two ways....don't ask me how I found that out. 

Anyway, to cut the grooves for the drawer bottoms I thought it would be handy to have a little trim router, and I've been trying to figure out the best way to put it in a table.  I bought a lift and an insert plate to go along with a Bosch Colt.  Still wondering what to get for a top, I don't know if it would fit in a premade table or not.  


Made some more progress on the drawers.

Have to cut the Maple faces for the drawers now.

Starting to look like the picture.......


looking excellent!

Faces are neat in that you can perfectly align them with the frame even if your drawers are not set perfectly. Also make building the drawer boxes a whole lot easier.
Looks great David. Agree with Splinter on the drawer faces.

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