planing w.o a planer

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seems i need to do some planing. however i can’t justify $400 for a new planer. any low cost ideas??? thanks

What needs planing?

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

There is always the router planing jig, or for roughing, an electric hand plane if you want to use power tools, or the solution since Roman times, a simple hand plane. If you are not skilled with hand planes, this might not be the best option for this project, but maybe the future?

Mike, an American living in Norway

Check craigslist, you can find decent planers for well under $400 pretty often. I picked up a Jet 6" long bed jointer and a Rigid 13" planer for less than $400. As Wolf & Rabbit asked…what needs planing?

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i need to plane down cheese and small cutting boards. mike, i have a router planing jig, but i have a meshugenah router. lol. monty, will check local raigs list. thanks all

Some people use Belt sander for cutting boards especially the end grain one. Belt sander are fairly cheap.

I don’t remember planning any cutting board. I usually use my drum sander.

My drum sander gets much more use usage then my planer.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

i finally figured what was wrong with my router planing jig. needed to adjust the plunge router to take smaller cuts. now everything is coming out great. thanks to all who responded.