Pricing, selling, what sells best. And woodworking videos

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Hi. I am 48 and I live in Litchfield, Mn I am a devoted husband and father. I love woodworking especially scrollsawing. I like to make Christmas ornaments, crosses, wall hangings, puzzles, small games toys instruments, deco, etc. I also just started making Youtube videos of woodworking in my shop. “Woodworking and more with Marty” (woodworker1438) and also on Facebook Martin Lien. I’m not anywhere near a master woodworker, I have no real skills but would like to learn more. I’m more of just a putz!? My videos are really just a goofy weekly(or more) blog of me, well being me. If your bored please check them out, subscribe, comment, share. Also just looking for advice, I have been trying to sell scrollsawn wood works for years with not much luck. Crafts sales, ebay, etc dont seem to amount to much. Whats the best way to sell stuff, best pricing ideas, and what sells the best. Also advice on my goofy videos would be welcome! Very much appreciate your advice! Look forward to learning from and chatting with yall. Have fun in your shops and cherish the day wherever God has you! Marty from 

I don’t selling any woodworking stuff. I give away 95 percent of what I do as gifts.
From that limited experience, I noticed board are the most wanted: cutting board, bread board cheese boards. Jewelry boxes come second.
People love tumbling block board, chevron style etc… Plain board are not favorite.
Just my experience.

If you put a link to your video, I would be glad to look at it.
As to the venues I will leave that to people who have real life experience.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Hi Marty, I think I found your Facebook page. Is it the one with two photos of you and the lake? If it is, I believe that you really need to have photos of your finished work to show what you have achieved. My son and I have started making bandsaw boxes just this year and in the last few months have been working on starting a Web page. Apparently, it’s all about getting the message over to the possible buyers. It would also help to have the video’s on your page, unless I have missed them. Good luck

Birmingham UK

Love to keep busy in retirement -

Just found a video of you and the rehindeer at the scrollsaw He looks great
What do you use to make your video, a camear, iPad or what? What make please.
Alos found the other video’s. You have been busy! Surprised they have not sold more.


Love to keep busy in retirement -

Hi Marty, I just checked out your first few videos, but had to stop short on the ornament one. I’ll check them out more latter. You can hear the goofiness coming out in your video’s. Not bashing! You’re a braver man than I, putting yourself out there like that, and I’m sure your video’s get better (and hopefully you’re able to see what you are doing) as you go! You’re helmet cam is quite the invention!
I haven’t sold much of my work, and am trying to figure it all out, much like yourself, so I won’t pretend to know the answers. All I know is that every market is different. Good luck, and if you figure out the answer, let me know!

You might try my baskets here. I think they would sell well.

Mike, an American living in Norway

Depends what you are trying to get out of selling your woodwork; are you trying to make a living or just trying to sell some of the stuff you make as a hobby? Craft type projects, eg. scrollsawn figures/ornaments etc, cutting boards will sell for craft prices. Unless you live in a town with a high tourist population and small shops willing to carry your projects, you’ll be limited to competing with the multiple thousands of other people that make similar stuff online. Etsy is another online place you could try selling your projects, but again, unless your projects are incredibly unique you’ll be competing with everyone else who does these sorts of projects. Craft shows, farmers markets and word of mouth will probably be your best bet.

Rob, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario