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As of yet, I have no clue how to post an album of my work. Anyway, I’m Charles Dearing. 44 years old, living in Gatesville, Texas. I’ve been scroll sawing and pattern designing since 1997. Hopefully I can figure all of this out ;) Glad to be here.

Charles Dearing

Hi Charles and welcome to WoodworkingWeb!

Posting new “creation” is really simple. Click on “+Add” link located on the top right of the website and choose New Creation. New Creation page is pretty straightforward – add pictures, title and description, click on submit and you are done ;)

-- Michal, http://WoodworkingWeb.com

I am glad you are here Charles. I just saw some of your work and it looks great.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Welcome Charles.
You do nice work. :-)

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Thanks guys. I appreciate the kind words ;)

Charles Dearing

Welcome to the community!!

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Welcome Charles….
Some folks here can help with the computer stuff…not me….because I am just not the literate, but you just supply the wood working advice and photos of your completions…