Hardwood suppliers in the UK

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Since there are a few UK woodworkers on this site I thought I’d whinge a bit about the lack of decent hardwood and the cost of it, here in the UK.

If anyone has a good supply of decent wood I’d love to know about it.Ebay is useless and the local “lumberyards” don’t even stock Baltic Birch Plywood. So I’m desperate for a supplier.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

It’s virtually the same where I live. All the lumber yards except one have converted their operations into general building materials. The one that’s left has a fair selection of wood but it’s all s4s and extremely expensive. No rough lumber. This is in Long Island where I live. In nearby NYC, there is one place that carries rough lumber but they have a monopoly and they act accordingly. I hate that place. I’d rather make everything out of 2×4s than shop there.

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Alec, if you want a good supplier oif wood, do you know about Yandles? I have been down there a couple of times and it takes me 2 hours, down the M5, but is only about 35 miles from you, near Yeoville. This is their website http://www.yandles.co.uk/ and they have an enormous timberyard, with a huge variety of woods and will cut for you if you don’t find exactly what you want. It really is a great place to spend the day when they have one of their shows and loads of manufacturers attend to demonstrate. Take a look

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Just thought of something else, which you may already know about – UKworkshop and they have all the shows in the UK listed http://www.ukworkshop.co.uk/forums/woodworking-show-event-dates-2011-t38294.html THis is an excellent site to learn and chat to others about.

Love to keep busy in retirement - http://www.getwoodworking.com/albums/member_album.asp?a=33974