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It’s the time of year when I start planning what to buy in the spring. DC is already on the list, but I plan to add a band saw. I have been scouring craigslist for several months with no luck so I am going to buy a new one. Grizzly is in my price range and I have been happy with the table saw I have, so that’s the direction I’m leaning. I see they have a G0555LANV for $445 and the G0555 for $525. The differences are listed below:

Blade speeds:
LANV —1800, 3100
0555 --1500, 3200

Table tilt:
LANV - L10° R45°
0555—- L15° R45°

Floor to table height:
LANV - 43"
0555 - 43-5/16"

LANV - Extruded Aluminum and Cast Iron
0555 - Deluxe Extruded Aluminum

Lanv - Computer-Balanced Cast Iron
0555 - Computer-Balanced Cast Aluminum

Is the G0555 worth the extra $80? If it is, I’ll buy it.

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Looks good. Just make sure that you tune it well and you’ll get years of pleasure from it. See this video a couple of times to get the best from your bandsaw,

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I did like the 15deg. left tilt on the G055 as it is something I would find useful for the kind of work I do, and I also liked the lower speed on the G055 for cutting metals. The lower the better for that kind of work as far as I know. If rust is a factor in your shop, then the aluminum wheels and fence also seem like a good choice. I always find that the extra cost for good features is secondary to the benefits of better performance in the long-run.

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