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It would be nice to finally have a tool collecting forum topic separate from hand tools.

I’m pretty sure a spot for collecting information would be one of the first on the web. I haven’t found one anyhow.

Good Luck Martin. Off to a good start.

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Don, I agree, I know I have some old tools that I would like some more info on, and I know there is a wealth of knowledge out there. A place to hang out and learn with out wading thru new tool talk, would be welcome. Who knows, maybe I may have some info to share.

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Im not a collector. I dont have a problem.
I am a user.
Thats is my story and I am sticking to it.

Dave, I think you can be both a collector and a user. The user side of me likes the feel of older vintage tools, and the collector side of me likes to research the age, maker and use of a tool. Sometimes the history of a tool and its design helps you be a better user. I also like the way they look in my shop.

Just another day in paradise

it’s ok Dave. We’re here for you!

-- There is nothing like the sound of a well tuned hand plane. - and

Oh, man. I agree with Dave. But I have to admit, once I started buying vintage tools, I go out Seeking them with plastic clutched in my fist. It’s truly an addiction.

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I’m lucky in that I work a bit for a charity that sends refurbished (Note, not restored) tools to craftsmen in Africa. The tools are all donated and sometimes we get stuff in that is either awesome, aged and valuable or just plain strange. We often have competitions to see who can guess what a weirdly widget may have been used for. Quite often we never find out until we take it to a fair for sale. Invariably someone comes along and says,“Wow, I haven’t seen one of these since I worked….”

I have to admit if I had more money and more space I’d have less money and no space.

-- Alec (Friends call me Wolf, no idea why)

Hey Don,
Yesterday Leslie and I hopped on the bike to attend the 2nd ever Tool Meeting/Display over in Kerrville, TX, a little over an hour away. Had a great time and spent ~4-hours talking hand tools. My only disappointments came when all of the other participants ended up being only “collectors” and not “woodworkers.” I like both, but have to acknowledge that collecting is its own niche for so many.

But We’ll work on THAT aspect of it! Again, had a great time again. Forgot to take pictures this year though… 8-)


I’m with Dave, no problem here :)

I enjoy collecting more that using but I do both. My collection is very small just because I restrain myself and here in SLC Utah,there very little local antic tools,most of the antic tools in the stores are “imported” from the east cost.


Well, the last entry on this Tool Collecting thread was 9 years ago so I can see the interest in it is rapidly reaching a fever pitch.  I am a collector, I collect vintage hand tools, especially planes.  I am able to use hand tools at times and enjoy that too.  We all have our favorites and I'm no different.  I like Stanley bench planes, Stanley compass planes, and Stanley scraper planes the best but have other brands here and there too.  I know a lot of you from a different site that have some very nice collections and attractive plane tills that I'm sure people would enjoy seeing, so is there any interest in reviving this old thread?



You have a couple of Sargents in the mix?
No Sargents in there, a couple of Union compass plans.  I do have some Sargent bench planes, they are very solid tools.  Thanks for looking.


You have a lot of 113 style compass planes. Are most of the Stanley?
Yes, all Stanleys, the Unions are placeholders.  I'm using the type study by Jeff Warner.  His book lists 16 distinct types, 17 counting the 15 & 15A. 


I don’t collect types or brands just 8 sized planes. I think a couple might have been acquired since the photo shoot was taken. 
Very nice array of 8’s.  I grab Stanley 3’s and 4’s, I can’t help it.  I only have one 8 and it’s in my till with all the other Stanley bench planes from 2 to 8, no number 1


I guess we have a certain size that we gravitate to
One that I'm missing is a 608 flat top.
Good to see this thread come to life again. 

-- There is nothing like the sound of a well tuned hand plane. - and

You’re in luck Corelz, there is one for sale on “that auction site” right now.  Pricey though as you can imagine.

I agree Don.