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Hello fellow artisans and craftsmen,

My name is Tom and I will be looking for tips, and projects here in the site as well as sharing some of the things I do. I am located in New Jersey and am a modest woodworker dabbling in woodburning, furniture, and small woodcrafted items. I’m always looking for ways to improve my skills and save time so if you all have any suggestions please feel free to drop me a line. My email and Facebook info is posted in my profile,……
knee deep in sawdust,


Welcome to WWW.
Sharing ideas and techniques is the essence of this site.
Looking forward to seeing your projects.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

Welcome. I hope you enjoy the site as much as we do.

CHRIS, Charlottetown PEI Canada. Anytime you can repurpose, reuse, or recycle, everyone wins!

I am also new to this site! It has become my go to site every time I turn my computer on! I like the creation posts and get ideas from them! I really like that we can blog and post questions here! I have got a few questions I will post very soon. Looks like we will learn here together Tom!


Welcome to this great site. Enjoy


Welcome Tom. Be careful this site is addictive! I find myself looking in numerous times per day.


Howdy Tom. Tim here, welcome to the site.

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Thank you all for the warm welcome,.i am finding this site very interesting,.. and using it for ideas. I will of course eventually post my plans for creations of mine, but that will take putting my notes onto one piece of paper and making it easy to read and follow,…. alas, another project!


Hello Tom. will look out for you on fb.
most of my best creations come from within my head. not always on plans :) i need to also do a post of my projects so your not alone .