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Maybe I’ve missed it somewhere, but it seems like this would be a great place to not only share our creations, but also the plans from which those creations were made?

We could have two forums; one where we could post plans that are in process and where people could ask for help and suggestions in creating the plans (using sketchup as a common tool) and two one with completed projects and the plans they were completed from as long as the plans are not copy-righted and are royalty / commercial free.



That would be up to Martin. I think he could add another forum topic, but not sure. It is a good idea IMHO.

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I would gladly share mine but I doubt anyone could read my chicken scratch.

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I would be very surprise if that happens.
That would probably entail file uploading at some point.
There is also the problem of people sharing commercial plans.

I am all for it though.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA

I have publicly posted plans for many of my creations – chevalet, V8 workbench, drum sander, to name a few. They are already public so I’d have no problem posting them in a forum here. I do see a problem however with plans that aren’t the property of the poster.

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I usually make a post with pics as i build.