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Currently have a 10" craftsman sliding compound miter saw, it is on its last legs for sure, I run a small business building horse jumps and need a fairly durable saw.. I have been buying mainly ridgid tools and there is a 10" ridgid miter saw an hour and a half away for $150 so it would be $200 and there is a 12" Milwaukee compound miter saw with stand for $425 only 20 mins away could probably get it for $400. Both saws are slightly used. I’ve been recently asked to build a gazebo so I could use the extra blade size for cutting 6×6.. The other thing is the ridgid saw will not have warranty. I’m also thinking about the 12" blade cost.. Any advice?


If you shop around you can find 12" blades for about the same price as a 10". Same amount of teeth more or less the same price. In MHO.


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I bought a Hitachi dual bevel 12" compound mitre saw (not sliding) new at lowes last year for just over $200. I’ve been very happy with it until I ruined the blade cutting firewood. LOL. That’s pilot error, not mechanical failure. I should have put the crap stock blade on for that task. Haha… Still cuts clean but smokes the wood like a Hungarian meat market. LOL

But yeah, for $200 you can buy new instead of used. And $400 can get you something really nice. Use the savings to build your own stand.

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Thanks both of you for the advice, I ended up grabbing a 12" ridgid slidding compound miter saw on sale for $399, didn’t come with a stand but maybe I’ll buy one eventually because my work beach is fairly high for this beast. I’m super happy with it so far and glad i bought it new for the lifetime warranty. Don’t plan on cutting any firewood with it lol. And I did see some 12" blades on sale so yeah I’m not worried about that after all!


That should serve you well that’s one of the sliders I have,and it’s given me good sevice.

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