Porter Cable 5" Random Orbit Sander

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Been wanting an electric orbital sander for a while, as I’ve been using my air powered auto body sander for years now. Has done a good job, but the small compressor, in the hangar, runs and runs. Figured I’ve spent as much on electricity as the sander would cost, so I took the plunge yesterday. Picked it up at Lowes, for $49.97.

Yesterday, I gave it a shot on the inner surfaces of the sides of my latest Wedding Card/Keep Sake box. I’m impressed. The sander is easy to grip and doesn’t “Buzz” the hand too much. Only drawback, I see, is the required “Velcro” discs. My auto body sander uses stick on disks. Might have to work up an adapter.

Any way, if you’re needing/wanting an inexpensive orbital sander, give the Porter Cable a look.


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you will like it what I use have fun


You will love it I have had several over the years and at present have a Makita but shortly after I purchased it several low profile models came out and that will my next one as they are more comfortable and balanced and can get into tighter places .


Glad you took the plunge ,I think long term it will do a good job for you.
I used a DA for years in auto work ,I sure like the ROS much better and the hook and loop makes changing disc a breeze in comparison to PSA disc.

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I have not tried the porter cable version, but I have a few other tools by them and they are great feeling in the hands. I have tried about ten others since upgrading like you from air. Each seem to be all of quality. I do tend to buy more DeWalt sanding tools. I still remember the days of the auto body sanders and the compressor never stopping. Thanks for posting shin.

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Very nice that you came over to the dark side. Lol glad you like it. I own De Walt 5" psa but have my eye on porter cables most aggressive 5" the 390

Well I do know that they make great tools and I do believe that the psa pad for the 332 will fit yours. Because its a standard for their sanders.

Jeff Vandenberg aka "Woodsconsin"

I’ve owned several ROS’s the like the PC Jeff posted ,but I don’t care for it, it feels,to wide to hold comfortably. Out of the 7 ROS I own I like my Milwaukee best.


woodworking classes, custom furniture maker

I have two Dewalts and love them. The bags do an OK job with the dust and the the grip fits my hand very well. Replacement pads are available at Lowes and HD and are very reasonably priced.



I just purchased the PC ROS Model 382 last week at Menard’s while it was on sale for $39.97. I wasn’t entirely excited about the dust configuration since it won’t be easily adapted to a shop vac connection. How is the dust collection working for you? It felt like I might be able to handle it with my small hands when I looked it over in the store. My $9.99 off-brand ROS that I bought 3 years ago from Menard’s is sounding like it could quit soon, but for the price maybe 3 years isn’t too bad.

I’ve been too busy working on 75th wedding anniversary invitations to put the Porter Cable to use yet . . . and, no, I haven’t been married for 75 years yet, but my parents have!


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Love getting new tools!!