polyurethane application

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Ok i am having issues applying this, i brushed it on, came out streaky, i sprayed it on it is not smooth, has a rough texture to it, i used a foam brush also streaky, i was thinking of using a small foam roller, but before i waste any more time or product, any suggestions folks?

roller will leave marks to after dry sand with 220 grit paper use a tack cloth reply polyurethane do this 3 times be good glosy


It Looks like you may have a few issues blotch,and a big variation in wood grains but the streaking you’re talking about can be a temperature issue and or problems with the product not being stirred enough or just outdated or damaged product,such as it haven been frozen.

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I had the same problem when I started , I solved it by buying a really good and expensive paint brush . Sanding with 400 in between 3 coats . Even after the last coat . Then used Carnauba wax .


true it just depends on the wood to


Its is pine, i was trying to apply at 95 deg, i have brought it inside, and used an expensive paint brush. I shook it a lot. Hopefully this go around will be better.

Bruce, the carnauba wax, will this be suitable for a dinning table application, i will need it to provide moisture protection.

Tony It ‘s much better to stir polyurethane you don’t shake it.

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The poly is plenty of protection against moisture but wax won’t hurt just make sure it doesn’t have silicone in it.

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Thanks Jim, i think it just needed a womans touch. My wife applied it with a brush, and pretty near glass finish!!

On a side note, i brought it inside to a cool house, i did use a very expensive brush, but i am not going to tell her those variations, i will let her bask in the glory that she did an awesome job, thanks for the advice guys!

I think the cooler temperature and good brush did it too makes ,but I won’t tell your wife either.

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