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I have been playing with Sketch up for the last few weeks. Although frustrating at first I have started to become more efficient and I believe it will be very useful in the future in planning projects.
I began to wonder how many others used it and , if so, how useful did you find it in the planning or do you use it merely for flushing out concepts?
Have you found any useful resources related to sketch up other than their warehouse?

I use it to share plans for things I have designed or adapted.
For example my wedge powered work bench.

It takes some work to get it down but eventually it becomes a valuable tool, especially for sharing ideas.

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I tried to learn it. For some reason I am not putting much effort into it.
A great software for sure.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA


I build and rebuild on SketchUp until I have it completely figured out. It saves a lot of mistakes (and lumber). If you do a thorough build on SketchUp, it’s an easier, faster way to work out all your joints. It is probably the single item that has improved my woodworking the most.

With dial-up, I rarely use the on-line resources. After teaching myself for a couple of years, I did borrow a book from the library and found out that even though I was making the program work for me, there were better ways of doing some things. I haven’t bothered updating since SketchUp8 and often still use SketchUp7 on my old XP.

Keep at it; you will find it useful.


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