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I picked up this King of UFO model UFO-90 dust collector.

Its small from what i gather on the net its 1HP and just under 700CFM. It was a good deal, so i bought it. After bringing it home it does not seem to have too much suction. I was previously using a 2.5HP ridgid shop vac, not sure the CFM but a 3.5hp one is 67 CFM. I felt the ridgid was sucking more and so i tested it and yes i get more pull from the ridgid. The new dust collector has this home made plate with a hole on top that fits the hose of my shop vac (2.5") would this small hole cause it to loose suction? I am at a lost of what might be happening, why it does not suck more than my shop vac. Any input would be great!


Dust collectors are designed to move a large volume of air rather than provide high suction. Most smaller DC will have poor suction but higher CFM. Larger DC provide both. Also, by choking down the inlet to 2.5", you lose the majority of the airflow from it; it just isn’t designed, nor have the power to move air with that sized outlet.

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I built a cyclone to make my DC a two stage system and it really improved the performance. I will be changing the filter bag to a cartridge filter next to kick it up a bit more. ?

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Check blade rotation . If you bought it used . If it is turning the wrong way it will still work but not good. If it is 110 volts , and rotating the wrong way , un plug the unit , remove the cover , if the wires a clearly marked switch wires 5 & 8 .


According to the product description on Amazon, it should get 696 cfm with a 4" hose. To maximize that, make sure you seal the the fan housing with silicone and all hose connections should be tight. If you make a separator, make sure it’s also sealed air tight. It’s not too powerful. You may not be able to pull large chips but it should work well for dust depending on the tool setup.

You can’t compare it to your shop vac, which can probably suck a bolt off the floor but moves very little air thanks in part to the narrow hose.

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You won’t get anything near that 700 CFM, the factory specs on CFM about about as accurate as the 3.5 HP your router has. But whatever you get, it will be reduced considerably by choking it down to that puny vac hose. Someone explained it, DCs move at low static pressures, vacs are just the opposite.

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Thanks guys, this thing cost me $40 so i bought it with out a second thought, But i was wanting to make a separator to put before it, but i have been debating on keeping it or holding out for a bigger one. Not sure if i want to invest more into this one. Making a permanent spot for it.

Take a look at making your own separator using a street cone. It is easy and works great.

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+1 for the street cone separator.

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I do have a big cone in my back yard, that i have no use for, looks like i have a use for it now!


Tony, here is my street cone separator. I’ve seen lots of different ones online, and mine is no original idea, but I like this style because it is super durable. It can be kicked around and bashed and no worries about it breaking. I went through 3 different designs, reusing what I could from each previous one and I’m really happy with this one.

One bit of advice I would give is to use silicone to seal your joints in places that it will never see the light of day. For example, I put silicone all around the plywood circles for the lid on the inside of the circle/lid sandwich. On my first one, I used silicone on the outside, and it just doesn’t hold up. Dust is the enemy of silicone and it peels up and becomes useless, causing leaks. Anyway, have fun with that. It will change your life forever and that’s not hyperbole! It’s true!

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