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I have a trunk full of new corks my wife acquired and have been using them for the corks on wine stoppers. Still, it would be nice to be able to pick up some in bulk, like I have key holes, saw tooth hangers, hinges and other hardware. As such, I did a little looking around and came up with one source, but suspect there are many more and even better prices for quantities.

The site for reasonably priced stoppers is:


Here is a web site I bought bulk saw tooth hangers from at $7.50/100:


These were at $4.20/100 http://www.framingsupplies.com/HardwareAssemblySecurity.htm

I bought bulk key hole hangers for reasonable prices here: http://www.craftparts.com/

I found some very nice ones that came with screws on amazon. 100 for around $7.00 inc shipping.


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