Oh no! Cracked cutting board

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I just arrived at my parent’s place and gave them the cutting board and we washed it, then no more than 20 minutes later it cracked on both the left and right sides in about the middle of the board, and the board itself is now warped. What went wrong? I used titebond 3 and both glue ups were clamped for 24 hours.

The only thing I can figure is that the ekki is simply too hard and rigid and moves at a much different (slower) rate than the maple? Should I expect severe movement from any end grain board or is it just my choice of material?

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It seems that the grain is so much wider on the light pieces that it couldn’t stay together. It would be interesting to do a test with similar sized grain pieces. (Too bad that it happened under this situation. Grinch stole Christmas.)

Yes, anything is wide compared to this ekki. It’s super hard wood. Several times harder than oak on the Janka test. Very, very tight grain.

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sorry brian you will get it you will make a better one for them hang in there


I think you’re right and in addition to that the wood database says ekki has a very high natural oil content which is bad for pva goes. The combination of the both probably had something to go with it.

Also, while trimming the board after it was built, I noticed a lot of moisture coming out of the maple as I was cutting it. The maple sucked in a lot more mineral oil than the ekki so I didn’t think much of it. Anyway, more moisture should have the opposite affect on movement, right?

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That sucks!

wash it in the dish washer?

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I would think if the board was saturated with oil it should not happen
so soon as the moisture here won’t swell the board so much.

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I thought it had plenty of oil in it. I used a rag. Next time I’ll build a little tub and submerge the board completely.

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The board was not washed in the dishwasher.

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I pour mineral oil on and wait until it soaks in, keep doing this until the oil penetrates the bottom. Then you know it is compleatly oiled.


I usually do as Berta mentioned above.
The only time I reach for the rag is at the end to wipe off the excess.

The tub method is great. it does require quite a bit of oil. That’s the only reason I never used it. I am very sure the oil is re-usable.

Abbas, Castro Valley, CA