September Challenge: Post a new project for a chance to win
I live in a split level house where a portion has a basement and a portion is slab on grade. The slab part has a foundation wall about 30" above the floor. This part forms a shelf along the wall about 3-1/2" deep which is now only covered with drywall
Except for painting the raw steel. The straps are set on a dado flush with the surface and the screws are countersunk. The screws are not stainless. I hope they survive. They should do ok painted with oil enamel paint. The hinges are on with hex head
I finally got the upper panel pieces made and the gate assembled. My m&t fitting is a little sloppy. I haven’t picked the door up yet to see how stiff it is. I was thinking about adding some steel strapping for looks and a touch more support. Ther
I took a break from work sleep fish work sleep fish to start building new garden gates for my house. I was only planning to replace the ratty PVC gate that came with the property but my wife wants a gate on each side of the house. Each gate will have
I haven’t kept this blog up even though I’ve made a bunch of lures. I figured this one is interesting enough to warrant an entry. I wanted a very, very large bait and I have made a couple of 12"+ lures but they all had one issue in common: they don’t
There is a well known and productive popper made by a company called Superstrike. A popper has a concave mouth and throws water when dragged along the surface. Usually they’re made to float but Superstrike makes one that sinks. It’s very ingenious as
So I’ve been really ramping up my game here and one thing that has bothered me is the final protective coat of epoxy. I was not getting good results with 5 minute epoxy so I switched to envirotex, which has a much longer working time, but it sags so i
Night time is the right time for the big ones. Stripers have not awesome vision but they do have very adaptive eyes. I read recently a scientific article about striper vision that confirmed the general consensus on the beach, which is that their eyes
A needle is supposed to present like a needlefish. Long and slender with no real swimming action. Bass go for it, though (even though I’ve never caught anything yet on a needle, but that’s another story…). This one is a Wadd needle. The story goes som
Another oddball. I can’t wait to try it out. The shape is modeled after Little Boy, but the paint is modeled after Fat Man. Carries a lead payload instead of uranium. ;-)
The top one is a store bought pencil popper. I included in the photo so you get the joke, which is there is a type of lure called a pencil popper. Mine is a pencil popper actually shaped like a pencil. LOL I made this on a lark. It’s about 4 oz, white