Bandsaw blade preferences?

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Anybody have input on which brand of bandsaw blades are better than others? The range of prices out there make me question the quality…

I am by no means an expert but I have had goodluck and satisfaction with Highland Hardware’s wood slicer series blades. Very reasonably priced and do a great job resawing.


I buy a lot of Olsons and have been happy with them. Not thumping on the welds, fairly good life.

After watching a video on touching up the tops of the teeth (without worrying about tilting right or left for the set), I found I could touch up one, when it started drifting or cutting slow, in just a few minutes (used a 1-1/2" HF diamond grind stone).

I’ve had a couple of the more expensive Timberwolfs and was happy with them, but never got to give them a good test against the other blades because they were forced to cut a LOT of green sycamore.

Right now, I running an Olson 1/2", 3 TPI blade to cut green cherry. It gums the wheels so fast you couldn’t test blades against each other to save your life.

Not really a brand name rather a type or construction method, I found the bimetal blades work really well.

Regards Rob

My bandsaw takes an odd size, 99.75 inches, so I usually end up going with whatever fits

Bang for the buck, I’m pretty sold on Diamond Sterling. I buy them from Hal Taylor.
These are great blades at a great price.

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